The Best School Administration Management Software System.

I would guess that the reason you are on this page right now is that you want to know which is the best school administration or management software system in the market for your school or maybe you are doing a research on school management software.In our previous blog, we talked about the all in one school administration and management software full package. However, SchoolOS software management system is one of its kind, it is a cloud-based software that simultaneously organizes every activity of a school to the administrative taste.The time they say is money use little time by just some clicks on your system or gadgets through the Best School Administration Management Software System SchoolOS and make more money with the rest of your time.

SchoolOS have the following features:

  • Reducing workload on teachers, parents, students and school administrators.
  • Makes room for parents/teachers relationship. Ways in which the parent-teacher relationship can be mutually beneficial. Parents and teachers SchoolOS can both offer important experiences into a kid’s identity. Teachers are enabled to tell parents how the child copes with a classroom environment and additional strengths and skills which they have uncovered through various activities. Teachers can inform parents about the syllabus, including topics, which parents can help support their young ones at home for example, by introducing a book, cartoon or song on the topic, role-playing with toys, or setting up a play date with another child. All these can be achieved by the best school management software SchoolOS.
  • Make room for students/teachers relationship. The teacher will have a more comprehensive evaluation in teaching to help students get closer to their teacher and to be free with their teacher There will be a cross-curricular connection with inquiry-based learning method, a collaborative learning method Differential learning, Activity-based learning and learning labs, Interdisciplinary learning, Integrative and social responsibility and civic engagement, Digitisation in teaching, learning assessment and feedback, Differentiated instruction, Flipped classroom, Problem-based learning all these help in achieving the best teacher/students relationship using the best school management software ever.


  • Make digital literacy a priority, and an enjoyable, simpler, more transparent approach to classroom management.
  • An effective feature of SchoolOS, which makes the admission process easy, faster and paperless using online admission form. It helps to have a clear visibility of the bridge.
  • Get instant access to students’ details with an easy search option. Schools/institutes can manage student and parents/guardian details easily with a view and edit option.
  • More effective way to manage teaching or non-teaching staff details and view/edit them quickly when needed. Schools/institutes can add and manage all staff data with two option.
  •  fee management module with e-fee payment receipt in parents web or mobile app account. Possibility to integrate net banking solution to collect fee online. Multiple fees.
  • No hassle to maintain the paper registers each month, now teachers can take a roll call on device/Phone. Real-time update to parents mobile.  Generate attendance report.
  • SchoolOS provides a smarter way of assigning subject wise homework, with a real-time update to parents. Even during absence students can receive homework.
  • Online exam and result management modules make teacher & admin staff easier and productive. Manage examination flow, publish results and report card online.
  • A messaging system of SchoolOS brings inbuilt effective and productive way of communication. Modern two-way engagement of teachers, admins, students, and parents.
  • intuitive, productive and well-designed employee management module for recruitment, payroll, attendance & leave management etc. Web-based HR solution. Effective. Afford intuitive, productive and well-designed employee management module for recruitment, payroll, attendance & leave management etc. Web-based HR smart solution. Effective.
  • Advances your school library and library staff/users more efficient & dynamic with this online module by tracking each operation in books management.
  • By automating with SchoolOS make whole school transport more secure and safe. Manage buses routes, stops, timing, students & fee. Track bus location.
  • Now capture and share the precious moments of different school events. Unlimited space to create the albums titles and upload the pictures. Staff / Parents / Students can download.
  • intelligent timetable module will help you to schedule your school planning efficiently. It is very easy and simple to manage, you can easily create time slots, map class.
  • A modern and effective way of managing hostel facilities online at your campus. This module is fully equipped with rooms allocations/de-allocations, buildings & rooms manage.
  • Now manage your institution inventory in the more effective way with our store management module. Goods categories, suppliers, purchase orders, create intents.
  • Keep the contacts on your touchscreen to better manage the relations with various stakeholders. Our PRM (Personal Relation Management) module provides access to complete student.
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