School Administration and Management in the 21st century

Hello in this blog we would be talking about the 21st-century administrator and how to know them. An effective 21st-century administrator should have a vision of changing the world, being able to share this vision and help children prepare for this vision in this 21st century.

Should adapt to change and consider new ways of accomplishing a task.

The 21st-century administrator should be able to use initiatives to help students acquire the 21st-century skills which should be the driving force behind these initiatives.

The administrator should help teachers set high concrete goals for students to meet and expect all students to meet them.

Administrators should set standards for the professional practice of the 21st-century instructions and assessment that result in an accountable environment.

They should create professional learning communities resulting in highly engaged instruction and improved students learning.

SchoolOS in its full package can solve such by replacing some traditional method of teaching with modern technology. whereas, Traditional methods of teaching are still practiced in the schools’ examples are:

•teachers -driven classrooms instead  technology-driven classrooms

 • teachers doing more of talking instead of a comprehensive evaluation

• Chalk and talk methods instead Cross-curricular connections

• Regimented classrooms instead Inquiry-based learning

Lack of collaboration and group learning instead Smart interactive boards such as

BYOD – Bring your own device

• Collaborative learning such as this school uses

• Differential learning

• Activity-based learning and learning labs

• Interdisciplinary learning

• Integrative and social responsibility and civic engagement

• Digitisation in teaching, learning assessment and feedback

• Differentiated instruction

• Flipped classroom

• Problem-based learning

• More emphasis on examinations and results instead Emphasis on the understanding of concepts

• Improper alignment between objectives, activities, and assessments instead Linking curriculum with life and emphasis on building skill, life skills, and values.

The 21st-century learning method



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